Our Projects

Our clients include municipalities, developers, builders and other civil contractors.  Client satisfaction is our priority and we achieve this through understanding our clients’ needs and adapting our works accordingly.

Streetscapes and Hard Landscaping Projects

We take pride in the streetscape projects we have completed. Typically being the façade in front of businesses, including architectural elements requiring quality finishes, and knowing how important they are to project stakeholders, we have always put in the extra effort to make sure they present at their best whilst always being aware of and working in with local businesses and residents.

Road and Laneway Reconstruction Projects

We have completed numerous partial and full road reconstructions and laneway reconstructions for both Councils and within private commercial developments, all completed while navigating and facilitating traffic flow and maintaining public amenities. Through our asphalt division, we now manage and complete most of the asphalt works in house and though our qualified engineers help clients navigate pavement design and substrate issues.

Bulk Dig and Hardstand Projects

Our civil expertise is not limited to roads, we also complete enabling and foundation works.

Drainage Projects

As part of our civil works contracts we are usually engaged to also complete drainage works. Since establishing, we have completed small and large-scale stormwater drainage works using both RCP and StormPRO systems, navigating and consulting in designing around existing services and excavating safely in sites with contaminated soil conditions.

Car Park Projects

Through our municipal and building clients, we have refurbished or rebuilt over multiple car parks in our first 6 years of business for both public Council projects and in private commercial sites.

Traffic Signal Projects

Through our partnership with pre-qualified contractor UCS Group, we have also completed multiple traffic signal projects and other electrical services as part of larger projects. We are able to provide technical professional assistance in managing road and pedestrian traffic flow, liaising with relevant transport authorities such as Vicroads and public transport service providers, and designing around existing electrical and telecommunication services.

Retaining Wall Projects

We have built retaining walls of stone, concrete, timber and gabion walls.

Structural Concrete Projects

Our expertise does not stop at Civil, we also complete structural concrete projects.